Microsoft Excel Basics for Beginners – Learn Excel Fundamental Skills for Business and Work Smarter

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Hello, my name is Luis Carlos and I will be the instructor in this class of Microsoft Excel.

This class is made for beginners, being divided into different sections.

In the first part you will learn the interface excel and how it is divided. The ribbon customization and quick access toolbar will be another important point that allows to adapt the working environment to the needs of the user.

In a second part we will learn how to create and open excel files, add, delete and change the name of worksheets and in a third part of the course we learn to insert data manually and automatically and work with cell and text formatting tools.

The last part will be dedicated to formulas and functions that will be an important step to work the data automatically in the worksheet.

To follow all the lessons, is available a file exercises.xlsx in the  project section that can be used by the students to make all exercises made in the videos.

This class is compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Excel (2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016)

List of main topics:

  • Excel interface
  • Customizing the Excel Quick Access Toolbar
  • Understanding the Structure of an Excel Workbook(anatomy)
  • Customize ribbon and quick access toolbar
  • Create, Save and open an Excel Document
  • Add, rename, delete worksheet
  • Enter text manually and automatically with autofill tool
  • Format data
  • Wrap, shrink and merge text
  • Format painter tool
  • Format numbers – Change format to date and time
  • Cell references – relative, absolute and mixed
  • Create formulas using logical operators
  • Functions  syntax – Learn and apply the main used functions



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