Network Automation on MikroTik using Python

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The world of IT is moving to network programmability which is also called network automation, which means that network engineers should be ready to write scripts in order to configure network devices such as MikroTik Routers. Most of network engineers don’t like programming – that’s a fact. But programming skills is required if you want to keep working as a network engineer. The most used programming language for network automation nowadays is called Python. For this reason, I have designed this course to show you how you can run scripts on Python to interact with MikroTik devices so you can configure them by just one click no matter how big is the number of the MikroTik devices, and to avoid human errors that happen a lot.

In this course I am not going to explain everything about Python. I am just going to take the scripts that we needed as network engineers and explain them then apply them to see how the network automation on MikroTik routers can work.

Bottom line, this course is an essence for all MikroTik network engineers and I am glad to be the 1st trainer doing a course about network automation on MikroTik using Python.

Who this course is for:

  • MikroTik Engineers who would like to automate their network using Python


  • You should have MTCNA level to follow this course
  • Programming Skills is not required, but is preferred to have it

Last Updated 11/2020

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